Eden Prairie

City of Eden Prairie

A community of approximately 62,000 residents and 44,000 jobs located in the southwest corner of Hennepin County, this city of 36 square miles boasts 17 lakes, three creeks, and one river bordering the southern city limits. Eden Prairie is connected by more than 100 miles of multi-use trails with 2,250 acres of park land and 1,300 acres of land preserved for open space.

Eden Prairie worked with SRF Consulting Group, Inc., to incorporate the principles of Active Community Planning in the following areas by: adding an Active Community Planning chapter to the comprehensive plan and adding and creating an Active Community Planning Site Planning Guide for developers and consultants. The purpose of the guide is to show property owners and developers how to prepare plans that incorporate the Active Community Planning principles outlined in the comprehensive plan chapter into plans for development in the city. By incorporating changes to site plans prior to the approvals stage of a project’s timeline, Eden Prairie believes it can achieve healthier neighborhoods and districts across the city.

Final Plan: Active Community Planning Site Planning Guide (2.76 MB)

Comprehensive Plan: Eden Prairie’s Comprehensive Guide Plan was adopted in 2009 to address prospective changes until 2030, including development of a Town Center, updates to mixed land use in the Golden Triangle, and improvements in senior and affordable housing, transportation, parks and open space, and utilities.

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