This project has gone through a number of phases, described in the DFH History and Activities.

The web site is now archived but was previously maintained by Ann Forsyth and Joanne Richardson. Faculty responsible for the overall project have included: Ann Forsyth (PI), Kevin Krizek (2006-2009), and Carissa Schively Slotterback (2006-2009).  Whitney Parks initially designed the earliest Web site and Joanne Richardson designed the current version.

Amanda Johnson was a technical assistance coordinator in the period of 2006-2008. Erin Waldenberger initially set up events and Aly Pennucci ran them and also provided technical assistance, taking over from Amanda when she left to pursue doctoral studies. Laura Baum was the main research assistant in that period. Later research assistants included Ashley Miller, Karen Roof, and Garrett Peterson. Whitney Parks initially designed the earliest Web site and Joanne Richardson designed the current version and maintains it. Graphics and other early assistance was provided by Katie Thering, Lucas Van Sistine, Kristen Raab (who worked on later trainings as well as part of the State Department of Health), Tom Hilde, and Anna Christiansen. A team of students at Cornell worked on the Flickr site and other issues and included Bonnie O’Neill, Inna Kitaychik, Timothy Morzel, and Desmond Corley. Later Isabella Weschler did useful updates on the site with a particular emphasis on noise.

Publication and initial web-site copy editor was Bonnie Hayskar. David Lowe provided office coordination and Jill Bezecny was the accountant. Active Living by Design provided technical reviews of materials and the late and much missed Barbara Lukermann was involved with planning workshops.

Michale Huber was the terrific program officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota who helped develop all stages of the project.