City of Victoria

Victoria is a high-growth community in the southwestern Twin Cities Metro along Highway 5. The city has 6,000 residents, and is expected to grow to a population of approximately 30,000 by 2030. It is primarily a low-density residential community, rich in natural resources, with approximately 250 acres of existing parkland spread throughout 27 parks.

Working with TKDA, the City of Victoria used funds from an Active Community Planning grant incorporate active-living principles into its 2008 Comprehensive Plan. The funding helped the City incorporate health into the plan, build support for the plan in the community, and generate more interest in participating in the planning process.

The City also worked closely with another partner, Carver County, to conduct a walkability workshop that included a walkability assessment of walking routes in the city. Participants identified opportunities to reduce barriers and enhance opportunities for safe walking in their community and improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Final Plan: City of Victoria Revised 2030 Comprehensive Plan

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