City of Edina

A fully developed first ring suburb of Minneapolis, the City of Edina has a population of 47,425 and includes 39 parks, multiple lakes, neighborhood and regional shopping areas, high-quality medical facilities, family-owned businesses, major corporations, and many other community facilities.

The City of Edina created the Bike Edina Taskforce and hired a consultant, Community Design Group, to develop a Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan. The plan presents a fine-grained network of bicycle routes and treatments that further this vision, and also includes specific recommendations for developing and improving other aspects of Edina’s cycling infrastructure.

Among these are recommendations and guidelines for providing bicycle parking and other end-of-trip facilities; improving bike-related signs, signals, and wayfinding; integrating bicycling and transit as a way to increase convenience for cyclists and lower demand for automobile transportation; conducting education and encouragement programs that increase safety and invite new users to Edina’s bicycle transportation system; and operating and maintaining the system.

In addition, the plan provides guidance for implementation, including recommended priorities and a timeline for development, and other recommendations to ensure that Edina cyclists can continue to be active participants in the implementation of this and other transportation initiatives. The Comprehensive Bicycle Plan will be integrated into Edina’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan update.

Final Plan: Comprehensive Bicycle Transportation Plan. See Edina’s full Comprehensive Plan, adopted in September 2009, for more information on the full range of their policies and programs (housing, transportation, land use, parks, water resources management, etc.)

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