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Garden landscape
(Photo by Ann Forsyth)

Focusing on gardens and other landscapes, with a particular emphasis on gardens in healthcare settings, the web site of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network is a well-designed and maintained resource. I have found the following sections to be particularly helpful:

The evidence-based design section at http://www.healinglandscapes.org/ resources-ebd.html includes online searchable databases, books, and articles.

The gardens overview at http://www.healinglandscapes.org/gardens-overview.html links to ressources on various kinds of healing gardens including those in healthcare, community gardens, prison gardens, and memorial gardens.
A section on art and health http://www.healinglandscapes.org/related-art-health.html [no longer available] provides a succinct overview of important resources.

For further reading, the Design for Health web site deals with planting and mental health at: http://www.designforhealth.net/resources/mentalhealthissue.html

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