Urban Design and Land Use

Urban design, the arrangement of buildings and open spaces, has a number of potential connections to health, though few of these are well established.

Fact Sheets and Posters

Reports and Guidelines

Web Sites:

  • National Environmental Health Association
    This organization of health professionals has a useful web page on land use planning and design including several cases of planning (Igham County, Seattle-King County, Delaware County, and Tri-County Colorado).
  • World Health Organization: Europe
    This office of the WHO makes urban design a focus of activities. Their web site includes links to various reports and cases.
  • Healthy Spaces and Places
    This Australian group has developed case studies of examples of linking health and planning around Australia.
  • InformeDesign
    InformeDesign is a research and communication tool for designers. Its search engine provides research summaries on many health themes. Each article summary has the following elements: design issue, design criteria, key concepts, research method, limitations, and commentary.

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