Comprehensive Plan Review Checklists

These Comprehensive Plan Review Checklists summarize the key points of the Design for Health (DFH) background and health impact assessment (HIA) materials. In fact many people have used it as a checklist for conducting a desktop HIA to provide feedback on draft plans. This is an excellent use of this tool.

Topics match the plan elements required by the Twin Cities Metropolitan Council. The questions are based on these research summaries. At the end of each Key Questions Research Summary there is a set of thresholds and associations that provide the basis for both these checklists. Two of the health impact assessment tools—the Preliminary Checklist and Threshold Analysis–are also based on these summaries.

These checklists were designed for comprehensive land use plans, transportation plans, and neighborhood plans. They are appropriate for different kinds of locations—metropolitan or not. Interested readers might also look at the Threshold Analysis HIA that has similar questions and provides some discussion of rural situations.

In 2011 the Minnesota Department of Health used the tool to evaluate the St. Louis Park Comprehensive Plan.

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