Additional HIA Resources

Good Information about HIA

HIA is a growing field that comes in a number of forms, including the following:

  • Audits, Scoping Tools, Screening Tools, or Preliminary Checklists
    Often described as a two-step process of screening and scoping, the shorter versions of these tools take a few hours and are meant to screen potential projects (developments, plans, policies) to determine if they are worth assessing or to scope out the important issues.
  • Rapid Assessment Workshops
    These are focus group like workshops that likely take a half day to a day to conduct, a few weeks to prepare for, and can take some weeks to write up.
  • Assessment Tools, such as Spreadsheets
    These may take a month or more to conduct.
  • Comprehensive HIAs
    These are similar to an environmental impact assessment (Harris no date; Scott-Samuel et al. 2001).

Other HIA Tools

Note: It is important to note that the information does not necessarily target planners; however, it does offer a good overview of HIA resources and tools.

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