Best Practices for Measuring Active Transportation (2012)

How to measure changes in active transportation is an area of current interest in both health and transportation circles. Those working in transportation want to know more about sustainable, low emissions modes and modes available to the whole population and not just licensed drivers. Those in health realize that a focus on exercise misses much routine physical activity—done in the course of paid work, chores and errands, and getting about.

Kaiser Permanente in Colorado commissioned Charlier Associates in collaboration with Professors Kevin Krizek  and Ann Forsyth to perform three tasks.

  1. Using existing inventories of tools and methods, as well as our own data collection, to identify exemplary examples, particularly those currently being used in Colorado.
  2. By convening experts and stakeholders to help determine which would be most appropriate to use at a larger scale in Colorado.
  3. Using this information to develop a dashboard or menu of measures for use in Colorado communities. Funding to actually implement these measures is outside the scope of this study.
Download the final report: The Colorado Mile Markers (2012).

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